Rules of Passage and Payment Methods


Traffic Pattern at TS


Toll Stations

When entering a toll road segment:

  • At the entry to the Toll Station the user shall stop in front of the tollbooth*.
  • The electronic system will automatically determine the vehicle type and show the amount to be paid on the tollbooth attendant’s data display device in accordance with the established fee plan.
  • If you pay in cash, pay the amount payable. Cashless settlements will require that you hand a bank card (VISA, MasterCard are accepted) to the toll booth attendant.
  • Please keep the receipt received and, if necessary, show it at the checkpoint when leaving the toll segment (in the Lipetsk Region, Kilometers 414 to 464 of the “Don” M-4 Highway).

* when using a transponder, you do not have to make a stop, it is enough to reduce the speed to 20 to 30 km/h

Note! To avoid erroneous debiting of funds from your personal account, keep the distance to the transport vehicle ahead.

Please note that any of the transponders you carry aboard can be read by the Toll Station equipment. Therefore, if there is a device in the vehicle that you do not plan to use for paying at the Toll Station at the moment, we recommend that you protect it with a shielding bag.

Otherwise, there exists a risk of unwanted debiting from any transponder aboard (given the balance is positive), or, should there be at least one transponder aboard with the balance insufficient to pass through (including in the case of a newly purchased device), the barrier may remain closed even with a sufficient account balance of another (the other) device.

You can purchase a shielding bag at any Sales and Service Center or order it from the Online Store.

Comparing Payment Options

Pros and Cons

Transponder Cash
1. A 50-percent discount for Kilometers 21 to 211 (Moscow Region) and a 20-percent discount for the rest of the road. Star3.png  

2. A discount of up to 10 %

(shall be granted when joining the Loyalty Program, the discount amount depending on the number of passages).


3. “Dedicated Lanes” for transport vehicles equipped with a transponder (save you time when paying).


4. Non-stop passage through Toll Stations.


5. Cashless payments.


6. Convenience of toll fee payments for drivers of right-hand drive vehicles.


7. Autonomous operation of the device, requiring no auxiliary power sources or charging.


8. Option of getting an abstract of account.


9. Linking all devices to a single personal account for centralized topping up.


10. Option of blocking and restoring your personal account if lost/compromized.


11. Necessary stop at the tollbooth when paying for passage.


12. Necessary standing in the Toll Station waiting line.


13. Need for having cash or a bank card.



Star3.png - Key Pros     no.png - Cons     yes.png - Pros